Terms of Service

While using our services you must agree to the Terms of Service. Violation of these services will result in action being taken against you which includes being banned from using any of our services. Please ensure that you read this policy through very carefully and understand all of it. If you do not understand any part of this agreement, please contact us via email at support@bnc4free.com

Section 1 – Introduction

  • The Terms of Service is a document which states the rules governing the use and operation of BNC4FREE and its products and/or services and automatically applies to any BNC4FREE infrastructure user and/or customer
  • The Terms of Service are subject to amendment at any time without prior nor subsequent notice

Section 2 – Liabilities

  • BNC4FREE cannot be held liable for any misuse of or damage caused by content taken from its servers, as any submitted content, once downloaded, becomes the responsibility of the third-party
  • BNC4FREE is not liable for anything transmitted or received on its servers but will assist law enforcement agencies should the need arise with any relevant information it may have available.

Section 3 – Laws

  • BNC4FREE will be forced to punish very severely if the case of juvenile pornography arises on one of our servers. Any model that acts as in pornographic contents must be aged of higher than 18 years old, as per the law
  • BNC4FREE will be forced to punish severely if piracy of a network, domain, server or any other equipment, owned by the BNC4FREE or not occurs. This also includes Internet-wide attacks such as Denial of Service attacks or botnets;
  • Any Users that are hosted by BNC4FREE must agree not to use or post illegal material as well as to respect the copyright laws and virtual property rights and give proper credits if asked. users found not to abide by this will have his account terminated.
  • Any media and written content on this website, our wiki, web panels or any other content on our end-user interfaces is the property of BNC4FREE and copyrighted by both the creator of the content and BNC4FREE itself. Anyone found to be copying the content word for word and/or any other media may be subject to legal action.

Section 4 – Bouncer Requests

  • You must not request more than one user account. You will be able to add up to 3 networks to your user account once accepted.
  • You must not use false, invalid or inaccurate details to request a Bouncer
  • You must not request from TOR Exit Nodes, Tunnels, Open VPN’s (including those that require any sort of sign up/registration), Free Shells, Proxies, IRCCloud, KiwiIRC, WSIRC or Mibbit
  • You must use a valid email to request. Disposable emails are not permitted.
  • You must ensure that the IRC Network you are requesting is not in the Prohibited Network List and that you have checked the spelling and ensues you are using the correct port.
  • If you are requesting a bouncer to LiberaChat, Rizon, DALNet or Espernet, your nickname on the requested network must have been registered with NickServ for atleast 7 days.
  • BNC4FREE reserve the right to refuse service to any customer/client that is not in compliance with our of our terms of service or for any other justifiable reason at any time.
  • Flooding the IRC Channels we provide that are used for requesting, attempting to disrupt support conversations or any violation of Our Channel Rules is not permitted.

Section 5 – IRC Bouncers

  • BNC4FREE does not allow clients to change their BindHost/vHost at any time.
  • BNC4FREE does not allow clients to change their IRC Servers. In order for your server to be changed, you must join one of Our Official Networks and ask for a server change or email our Support Team.
  • BNC4FREE does not allow clients to change, add or remove IRC Networks from their account. In order to request to additional networks on your account, you must follow the “How to request additional networks for your account” instructions here. To change or remove networks, you must join one of Our Official Networks and ask for the removal/change or email our Support Team.
  • BNC4FREE does not allow clients to use their Bouncer for XDCC/DCC.
  • BNC4FREE does not permit account sharing of any sort.
  • BNC4FREE only allows clients to have ONE Free Account which can connect to up to THREE different IRC networks.
  • BNC4FREE forbids the use of TOR Exit Nodes, Tunnels, Open VPN’s (including those that require any sort of sign up/registration), Bouncers from other providers, Banned IP’s, Free Shells and Proxies to connect to our Bouncers.
  • BNC4FREE does not allow clients to use our service along side other bouncer providers for the purposes of increasing channel counts, spamming or evading bans.
  • BNC4FREE reserves the right to delete any account that is not in conduct of the Terms of Service for any other justifiable reason.
  • BNC4FREE forbids Bouncers to be used to evade bans of any kind whether it be a ban from a server or a channel ban of any sort.
  • BNC4FREE actively removes any unused accounts after 7 days if the client has never logged in on IRC. Accounts configured via the web admin but never logged in on IRC will also be considered inactive and removed after this period.
  • BNC4FREE actively removes any disabled accounts after 30 days if we have received no appeal or correspondence from the account owner.
  • BNC4FREE actively removes any inactive accounts after 60 days account has not been accessed during this period.
  • BNC4FREE will disable/remove any account that breaks a network’s rules by any method that is deemed inappropriate by the networks staff.
  • BNC4FREE will disable any account that has been compromised whether this be a result of social engineering, giving out the password for your account or posting it somewhere on the internet.
  • BNC4FREE will remove networks from accounts upon the request of the IRC Network’s operators or administrators.

Section 6 – Privacy Policy

  • BNC4FREE reserves the right to store IP Addresses and Hostnames you have used onto our system until your account is deemed inactive or closed.
  • BNC4FREE reserves the right to store any details you have entered during requesting for up to a year after your account has been removed from the service.
  • BNC4FREE does not retain any IRC logs or any data that you have sent through the bouncer by default. This data can be stored if the log module is enabled on your account and is accessible via the ‘Log Viewer’ option in the web panel. If you would like these logs to be deleted when your account is removed, please email our Support Team to have these removed. We are also able to email you your logs prior to deletion if you wish.
  • BNC4FREE reserves the right to pass on your information to the respective Internet Service Providers or Law Enforcement agencies upon request or in the event of serious abuse.
  • BNC4FREE reserves the right to pass on your information to respective IRC network staff in the event that account abuse extends outside the remit of this service.
  • BNC4FREE applies this privacy policy to its websites

Section 7 – Donations

  • BNC4FREE will accept donations in any currency.
  • BNC4FREE will only accept donations via PayPal.
  • BNC4FREE checks all donations against a fraud system to ensure that donations are not fraudulent.
  • BNC4FREE will not refund donations under any circumstances.
  • BNC4FREE does not grant any additional features to Clients who have donated.

Section 8 – Extra Information

  • These Terms of Service are effective from 13/11/2021 @ 13:00 GMT+0.
  • These Terms of Service were last updated on 13/11/2021 @ 13:00 GMT+0.
  • BNC4FREE Reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time and will actively notify all users of this by email or announcement where necessary.