Information for Networks


BNC4FREE would like to co-operate with as many networks as possible to ensure that innocent users are not banned from anyone’s network. To do this we’ve implemented some measures whereby networks can contact us

For obvious reasons, our IP’s are not listed anywhere publically as this would attract DDoS. Every IP that we do use for IRC purposes is reverse DNS’d to a domain that belongs to us (we dont use free dns providers of the lark). You can establish if a domain belongs to use by looking at the TXT record of the domain itself rather than its subdomain. For example, someone using a vhost of “”, you would need to run one of the following commands for the TXT record

Windows: nslookup -type=txt Linux: nslookup -q=TXT
If the domain is indeed one of ours, you should receive a response as follows: Server:
Non-authoritative answer: text = "info=This domain is part of BNC4FREE ( Please report abuse to"

Please Note: Network Operators should use our operations email for a faster resolvement of issues.


Network Administrators and Operators can email us about abusive users and they will be disabled/removed within 24 hours if you email operations providing that the following conditions are met:

  • The email comes from a network email (i.e: If your network is on, the email must come from your email (or a group one from
  • Ideally we’d like some proof of the offense on the network, a short log is sufficient. Where this isn’t possible, a date and time of offense is sufficient.


On a few networks, IRC Operators/Network Administrators have setup a designated private channel to communicate with IRC Bouncer providers which we’ve found to be very useful and quicker than email. If you’re a network that is willing to do the same so we can share information quicker and prevent abuse, firstly email us at operations and give us the details of the channel on your network to join and we will arrange for a member of staff to join and co-operate with you


If all of the above fails for some reason, Please contact us via messaging on facebook at We will respond to query as soon as is reasonably possible.