Our Servers

BNC4FREE is has a range of servers across the world and with different providers. Each server uses a 64 bit version of Debian 10 for the operating system, has at least 1024mb ram and at least 20 GB of diskspace. Every server has DDoS mitigation procedures in place and every server is fire-walled, secured and regularly maintained. Our customized bouncer software and time keeping software are the only processes that run on each of these servers. All servers and their web panels are connectable on port 1337 or 1339 for SSL


Owned by Russell
Located in Roubaix, FR
Provided by OVH
IPv4 (6)
IPv6 (/64)
In service since April 2020


Owned by Russell
Located in Falkenstein, DE
Provided by Hetzner
IPv4 (5)
IPv6 (/64)
In service since September 2020