The Staff Team

BNC4FREE is made up of several volunteer’s who donate their time and efforts into making the service better. Our staff carry out day to day tasks such as assisting users, processing requests and sometimes other more complex tasks such as updating the website, developing new features, updating the IRC Services bot and managing the servers and their security. These tasks are split into job roles or teams of which information regarding these teams and our staff can be found below.


The Staff Team

Russell B.

Management Team Technical Team Development Team Support Team
Russell, RussellB28
United Kingdom
Joined in 2007


Support Team
United States
Joined in 2020

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Staff Roles

Team Name Description
Management Team

The Management Team are responsible for ensuring that the other teams are functioning and working properly to ensure that day to day activities and long term goals are being processed and met. This role also involves the firing and hiring of staff when necessary, planning server changes and movement and responding to other high priority issues.

Technical Team

The Technical Team are responsible for ensuring that the Virtual Servers or Dedicated Servers our servers run on are performing to a defined standard. This involves evaluating network speeds, disk operations, network operations, enforcing and maintaining security, memory usage management, maintaining firewalls and ensuring that the day to day running of servers is upheld to prevent any downtime or loss of data.

Development Team

The Development Team are responsible for maintaining the IRC Services Bot, Bouncer Software, Custom Panels and any extra code on the site. This involves programming/coding new features, fixing bugs, maintaining existing code, testing new code and coming up with new idea’s to improve the existing functionality of our service bot, bouncers and sites.

Support Team

The Support Team are responsible for ensuring that day to day operations run smoothly. This involves processing requests in a timely fashion, responding to support queries on IRC or via Email, Monitoring session limits for networks, ensuring the information we retain on networks is kept up-to-date and handling abusive users on our services.