A Quick Update

Hello, Hi and Welcome, It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update so here’s an update of where we’re at.

As many of you will be aware, Freenode as it was has changed and many of its staff and users have migrated to Libera.Chat. We do still operate a channel on Freenode but also have one on Libera.Chat for your convenience. We also have channels you can request in on networks listed here. Due to the drama that I’m sure many of you are aware of, Libera.Chat is considered our main network at present and this is based on all of our staff voluntarily moving to this network.

Please be aware, if you have quite possibly by accident signed up with us for new accounts when you wanted to obtain 3 networks as per our terms of service, we are now actively suspending multiple accounts. If somehow you have requested more than one account when it should have been a network request, let us know by emailing support@bnc4free.com. We will be able to merge the networks from your other accounts into one of the accounts you have and no other action will be taken in terms of violating the Terms of Service for multiple accounts. Any accounts detected before your email may be suspended by our services bot but we will rectify this upon receipt of your email. For Further clarification, this does not apply to users that have more than 1 network on their account and only applies to users that have more than 1 account with a different network on each account.

Many thanks again for the continued use and support of bnc4free, we’re constantly working away in the background to improve and continue our service and are fully aware that without you it wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks for keeping with us