It’s almost November! Here’s an update..

Hi, Hello and Welcome to BNC4FREE. 2020 has been particularly strange and difficult year for many of us across the world due to the word we need not mention and its viral ability. This year we decided to re-launch BNC4FREE because IRC like many of the other platforms known to us is a method and a way to communicate with others and in the time when it was needed most, we decided to re-launch. A few things I feel that need to be outlined is that we did not set out on this venture to be the best, in-fact there were no expectations at all when restarting this project. The soul intention was to provide bouncers to those that need one and that I feel is what we’ve done and will continue to do.

It is unfortunate that there is a need to re-iterate the following rules when it comes to requesting bouncers from us. Trust me, these are for your protection and to ensure that you can connect to the network using our bouncers because the last thing we want is our addresses banned from a network and us having to get into a lengthy appeal process. The rules we’ll re-highlight are as follows:

  • Accounts that have been configured via the web panel but never logged into on IRC after 7 days will be deemed inactive and will be removed. We’re not here for you to use a bouncer to keep your 1-2 user channel open or increase your channel count.
  • Requests for networks (listed below) require the user to have been registered with NickServ for atleast a week (7 days). The username you request MUST be your NickServ username:
    • Freenode
    • Rizon
    • DALNet
    • Espernet
  • In the event that we are unable to verify the date your nickname has been registered on the networks above or you have chosen a username that doesn’t match your NickServ name, the request will be rejected.
  • You must not request from TOR Exit Nodes, Tunnels, Open VPN’s (including those that require any sort of sign up/registration), Free Shells, Proxies, IRCCloud, KiwiIRC, WSIRC or Mibbit
  • Please remember when requesting an SSL port to put ‘+’ in front of the port number. ‘+6697’ not ‘6697’. We have fixed no end of these and won’t be in future!

All other terms of our service can be found here. We are looking to update our servers in the near future to patch up a few things, bring ZNC up to the latest version and add a few features. This is likely to be around Christmas (We’ll announce dates before hand). In the meantime, please do continue to enjoy using our service and if you haven’t yet joined, please consider doing so!