Changes to Terms/Rules

Effective from today (but includes any pending requests and active accounts), the following new terms and rules will be enforced:

  • Accounts that have been configured via the web panel but never logged into on IRC after 7 days will be deemed inactive and will be removed. We are not here to provide a connection simply to keep your channel in existence or to increase your channel count.
  • Requests for major networks (listed below) will require the user making the request to have been registered on the network they are requesting for at least 7 days before the request is made. If you’ve joined the network and registered with services (NickServ) the same day that you’re making the request, you clearly don’t need a bouncer as you’ve only just discovered the network (If you do for some reason need one, prove us wrong and justify why). The networks we will be checking on this initially (and applies to currently pending requests) is as follows:
    • Freenode
    • Rizon
    • DALNet
    • Espernet
  • In the event that we are unable to verify the date your nickname has been registered on the networks above (The only exception being if NickServ is down at the time we attempt to check, in which case the request will remain pending until we can check), the request will be rejected.

We apologise for having to enforce these new rules/restrictions but we are committed to ensuring that genuine users of this service can continue to use our service without the risk of network bans caused by a single user using our services for ban evasions, abuse or any other intention that impacts negatively on a network and results in actions that affects multiple users.

Once again, thank you to those using BNC4FREE and we’ll provide an update on our “July Update” shortly.