Server Update for Apple


We have updated our ‘Apple’ server! The update was due to take place on Tuesday the 16th of June however this was brought forward due to a server crash. A few of the changes in this update are listed below:

  • i18n Support enabling a language setting that will translate GUI messages and more to the language you set
  • Fixes to DisableUser ensuring that disabled users are disconnected as soon as they are disabled
  • Prevention of changing network name as we use this to track networks and sessions
  • An ability to deny users to change idents on some networks, allowing networks to ban users by ident to prevent abuse
  • An ability to set and send WEBIRC commands to a network in the same way KiwiIRC/Mibbit does to networks that have a webirc/cgiirc block added in their config for us which will allow networks to ban the unchangeable host of a user
  • Patches that bring our bouncer version (ZNC 1.7.5) up to speed to version 1.8.1
  • API Module: Changes to the way channels are displayed

All updates on the day of the update will be posted to our social media accounts, our IRC channels and sent as a notice to those connected to the bouncer. We anticipate the upgrade will take no longer than 10 minutes and appologise for the inconvenience this may cause.