Freenode Changes

Dear those that use Freenode on our service,

From today your host will change when you reconnect. Instead of the normal vhost we have assigned you will have “gateway/shell/bnc4free/x-sznknfelebihegpe” or something similar.

Please note that any unaffiliated cloaks you have on Freenode or group cloaks are unaffected by this change. You most likely will receive a bnc4free cloak initially on connect unless you use SASL but once you identify to your nickname, the usual unaffiliated or group cloak will apply.

We appreciate this is annoying for anyone that runs bots or services that rely on hostnames. We have taken these steps to mitigate ddos that may originate from users of freenode.

Many thanks again for the continued use of bnc4free and we will continue to do what we can for you.