Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we have been frequently asked and our response to these questions:

What is an IRC Bouncer or a “BNC”?

An IRC Bouncer or BNC is a piece of software that stays connected 24/7 on IRC, and has the ability to store messages while you are offline. As a user, you will connect to the IRC Bouncer and the IRC Bouncer connects to IRC. An advantage of this is that when you disconnect from the IRC Bouncer, the bouncer remains connected to the IRC Network of your chosen and has the ability to store messages while you are offline that can be played back to you when you connect to the bouncer again.


Further information on IRC Bouncers can be found on Wikipedia


Is this free? Do I have to pay for it?

This service is 100% free and always will be for as long as it lives. Nobody is asked or forced to pay for anything however if you would like to make a voluntary donation, you are more than welcome to do so by visiting our Donation Page.


What are the requirements for requesting an IRC Bouncer?

You are required to own a valid email address in order to request a bouncer. This is so that we can send you information when your bouncer has been accepted. You will also need to know the fully qualified domain name of the IRC server you want to be connected to (e.g, the port to connect to (usually 6667) and will need to choose a username which will be used to login.


Please also note that in order to be accepted, you must also not be banned from the network you are requesting or have violated our Terms of Service.


I want an IRC Bouncer for my bot, is this possible?

Technically yes as long as you are complying with our Terms of Service but please do note that if your bot’s features are client side, they will not work when the bot disconnects from the IRC Bouncer.


Can I have my bouncer connected to “X” IRC Network?

The answer is usually yes unless the network is listed on Our Blacklist. Should you wish to have your server changed after being accepted, please contact is on IRC or send us an email at support[at]


Can I see what has been said in a channel while I was not connected?

Yes, you need to set a buffer for playback for each channel. In order to do this, use “/msg *status setbuffer #channel 100” replacing “#channel” with the actual channel name. This will make the bouncer playback the last 100 messages on the channel upon connect.


How do I change my account settings?

You must login with your username and password on our Web Panel. Once you have logged in, you will be able to manage the settings for your account from there. Alternatively you can also use “/msg *status help” or “/msg *admin help” while connected to the bouncer to configure settings from IRC.


I forgot my account password, how can I get it reset?

You may either go to one of our Official Networks and use the “!resetpass” command in our IRC Channel or email support[at] Please note if you email support, you will be sent an email with a verification code of which you will need to use in our channels on one of our Official Networks in order to complete the reset.


How can I request a bouncer account?

There are a number of methods available which will allow you to request an account. More detailed information on this can be found on our Request a Bouncer page.


How often are inactive or unused accounts deleted?

Inactive, unused and suspended accounts are deleted on a monthly basis. The criteria for deletion is as follows:

  • Account’s that have not been access for 60 days or more are deleted
  • Account’s that have been suspended for 30 days or more are deleted
  • Account’s that are on popular networks and have not been accessed for 30 days or more are deleted
  • Account’s that have been accepted but not used within 7 days are deleted
  • Request’s that have not had their email’s verified within 7 days are cancelled